Best Week Ever!

We have a little saying we tend to use quite often when we’re together… “Best. Day. EVER!“. We happen to think that quite a lot of exciting things happen in our lives because the Lord has greatly blessed us with a child-like love for life.. so that’s why when exciting things happen, we both exclaim together that we’ve had the best day ever. (We’ll need to point out that this has been said every day by us for quite sometime.. like today.. today is definitely the best day ever!). But here we go digressing already!..

For those of you that don’t know us, you’ll need to know that we both share a birthday week. We are precisely one year and three days apart in age (April, sadly, being the old woman in this situation). We typically do it up pretty big in celebrating together.. I mean, why not? We are best friends and business partners.. and, okay, our birthday’s are a pretty huge deal to us;)Last year we spent our birthday week in colorful Colorado.. our all-time favorite place in the world! But this year no travel was happening, so we decided to just throw together a random week of exciting events… the BEST WEEK EVER! So, if we’ve still got your attention, please enjoy this random blog post about our best birthday week ever:)

First we must start with the birthday mix. We feel every part of your life needs a good soundtrack. We’re pretty huge music guru’s.. so a couple hours was put into arranging this birthday playlist that we raged all week long!

What’s the playlist?? SO glad you asked! Here’s the line-up that we highly recommend you download and arrange for yourself:

  1. Curs of Weeds – Horse Feathers
  2. Hole in the Ocean Floor – Andrew Bird
  3. Everything – Ben Howard
  4. Safe & Sound – Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil Wars
  5. Kingdom Come – The Civil Wars
  6. Months – The Middle East
  7. Night Beds – Night Beds
  8. Old Pine – Ben Howard
  9. Who Knows Who Cares – Local Natives
  10. We Don’t Eat –  James Vincent McMarrow
  11. The Daylight – Andrew Belle
  12. Safe Travels (Don’t Die) – Lisa Hannigan
  13. Finch on Saturday – Horse Feathers
  14. Body in a Box – City & Colour
  15. Blood – The Middle East
  16. Ramona – Night Beds
  17. Strings (in the open session) – Young the Giant
  18. For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens

Phew! That was a long one… worth the downloading and arranging though, we promise;)Anyways! We started the week with Monday (sounds about right, eh? ;)), the 23rd… April’s birthday! April turned 27 this year (golf clap applause where we’re excited but really sad about her old age). Her day was quite laid back and filled with things she loves.. her work, good music, a showering of love from friends and family and a whole evening of playing the guitar. Not much else she could ask for! Her day segues into Tuesday.. a day we’ve been looking forward to for a while.. our birthday photo shoot with Deidre Lynn Photography! We decided this year as a special birthday treat to ourselves, we’d contact Deidre and get a little best friends photo session set up. I think most of you know we’ve met lots of AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographers over the past year that have taken pictures for us (our personal way of networking…. Hey! We like to be in front of the camera too ;)) and we’ve ended up making such amazing friends through the process and having hours of fun talking shop! Here’s the back story to this session: It began with us meeting Deidre for the first time, and feeling like old friends right off the bat! However.. at the first location we got a little.. um… well, VERY LOST! Yes for a good half hour we spent time wandering through the woods trying to find where we began (ha!). But once we sorted through that adventure we made it to location number two where poor Heather twisted her foot and became quite immobile! Turns out.. the injury was a pretty rough one. But you’d NEVER be able to tell in the beautiful photos Deidre took of us! You can check out the photos here! Thanks again, Deidre, for the hilarious adventure and beautiful photos you took of us!

(From left to right: April, Deidre, Heather)

Next up, skipping through some large family dinners and love, to Thursday, the 26th… Heather’s birthday!! Heather turned 26 this year (golf clap for Heather, and a little louder since she’s not as old as April)! We spent Thursday doing our favorite thing…. shooting, of course! We had an engagement session (our fav!) with the lovely Alex and Jack, as you might have seen in our preview. What a fun pair! We are so excited to shoot their wedding day!

Aren’t they an attractive pair?!;)Next we move onto Friday… one of the biggest highlights of the week! Our joint birthday party!! If there is one thing to say about our lives, it’s that we have AMAZING friends! We had so many friends come out to celebrate with us and even had three of our very musically talented friends arrange a bevy of songs and play a show for us! We had HUGE amounts of food, raging live entertainment and of course more than a boat load of friends out celebrating with us. We had such a great time and want to again thank all those that came out to join us!

So we ended our birthday week on an amazing note! We took a trip to Naperville, IL to see our FAVORITE band, Sleeping at Last! The show was out of control amazing… hands down THE best show we’ve ever been to in our lives (and we’ve been to a LOT!). But before the show, we were able to stop and have dinner with our dear friend, Maggie Fortson, who is a local photographer in Wheaton, IL. Maggie has been such a dear friend to us and a complete joy and blessing to our lives. It was so great to see her, have dinner and talk shop with her before the show!

And there you have it! Our wonderful, amazing birthday week! We had such a great time with all our loved ones. Thank you to every person that was a part of it this year! Please enjoy these random Instagram photos from throughout the week:)(Special note… we found a mustache app and had a little fun with it, hehe…).


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